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Will Autumn be the new Summer for 2021? Don’t bank on it.

It’s officially being called Euro 2020, but it’s being played in June 2021. The 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics is scheduled to be held from the 23rd July 2021. And England Vs. New Zealand in Test Match Cricket at Edgbaston, Day 2 is underway as I write our monthly news. Sporting headlines that you wouldn’t have predicted at the start of 2020.

It certainly feels like a stop-start roller coaster at the moment, in life and business. One minute we are packing our sunscreen, trunks and bikinis, jetting off to Portugal and within the blink of an eyelid thousands of Brits are frantically attempting to return to the UK to avoid self-isolating.

In the cruise sector, passengers on the MSC Virtuosa touring the UK (probably with the cleanest bill of health due to the rigour of biosecurity prior to boarding), have been told they will not be allowed to disembark in Scotland. The MSC Virtuosa's operator says Scottish government Covid rules block it from entering the port of Greenock. Even the domestic staycation isn’t without it’s challenges.

Our World has paused for well over a year with devastating impact. As the G7 Summit in Cornwall draws to a conclusion, with the UK Prime Minister announcing that we will donate 100 million surplus coronavirus vaccine doses to the World within the next year, one can’t help but feel that our collective challenge to vaccinate our amazing planet is far from over.

Ever the optimist, I’m enthused to see the super-powers of the World coming together in Cornwall with the sole aim of tackling the pandemic and climate change. Looking closer to home, both in my native Deutschland and Great Britain, seeing friends, family and work colleagues making the most of challenging situations makes me very proud.

There is one certainty, however. We will only truly move forward when a global vaccination programme is complete and that will not be this side of 2021. Moreover, just thinking about our European neighbours, an Autumn Summer is not in the bag. So, let’s prepare to make the most of the Great British staycation and support Great British business on their road to recovery, starting with the Euro’s and clear blue skies.

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