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Our recent exploration of the rise in independent distilleries highlighted key changes in consumer behaviour and a surge in the trend of craft spirits, such as gin and whiskey, as significant drivers for the industry. As gin distributors, we have taken a closer look at some of the current gin trends in 2018, to see where your customer will be wanting to try next.

Exciting products

Tanqueray producers, Diageo Reserve, put the gin ‘renaissance’ down to the simple fact that the versatile spirit lends itself to so many botanical combinations, creating interesting flavours and products. Tanqueray themselves launched Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla this year, whilst last summer saw a craze for pink gin thanks to a product drop by Gordon’s, all in a bid to stay ahead of the market.

This combination of new products and flavours also fuels the ongoing social movement around Instagram, helping to leverage some brands as more desirable than others based on appearance and differentiation and creating a new form of demand.

Premium labels vs. the discount brand

Discount supermarkets, Aldi and Lidl, have been driving forces where own-brand spirits are concerned. 2017 saw their own labels leading the way and it seems 2018 is no different, with Aldi’s £10 bottle beating Heston Blumenthal’s £25 Waitrose collaboration at a blind tasting, as part of the International Wine and Spirit Competition.

Also jumping on the flavoured gin trend, Aldi have released competitive products that

quickly make the news due to much smaller price tags.

Non-alcoholic spirits

As we touched upon in our last piece, for many consumers it’s the overall experience around product consumption that drives decision making, which is why non-alcoholic spirits like Seedlip are doing so well. With its own distinct flavour profiles and similar versatility to gin, mixologists can showcase their skills in the same way that demonstrates the craft to consumers – and they still make a great Instagram post, too.

Seasonality affecting behaviour

Two of the most talked about occurrences this year will have undoubtedly influenced our consumption of spirits this year: the World Cup and the recent UK heatwave. During the quarter-final week alone, sales of alcohol in the UK totalled a staggering £287m, whilst the ongoing heatwave has bolstered the population’s taste for gin as a coolant.

What can we expect from gin in 2019?

With so much going on in 2018, it doesn’t seem like the gin trend will falter any time soon. At CSS On Trade, we expect to see a lot more variation from producers in terms of diversifying their range and will also be keeping our eye on the non-alcoholic spirit market as it seems that, for now, it’s here to stay.

If you are considering stocking a variety of locally produced spirits, get in touch to talk to us about your requirements. We are based in Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex, and are experts in what your customers want – enquire for our products list, and a member of our team will be happy to talk you through how we can help.

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