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Q3 Business Update & CSR initiatives

As we close Q3 at CSS and move into the final quarter, we continue to witness strong and encouraging growth within the business, despite global social and economic uncertainty, partly driven by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, pending elections in the UK & USA, policy shift and inflation. Our growth trajectory for 2024 is tracking with forecast and is set to exceed 40%; this is primarily due to our major clients in maritime, airlines and duty-free all reporting a surge in demand post Covid and our own investments to drive business efficiencies and client integration; the recent launch of our warehouse stock management software, Vision Suite one such example.

We continue to invest in people by strengthening our procurement and account management teams. The leadership team is today headed-up by Emma Taylor, Chief Operations Officer and myself, Chief Financial Officer. We continue to report the business into a wider group board as we’ve done so for the past six years, which ensures on-going stability, continuity and sustained investment.

Business resilience remains a major strategic pillar as we navigate new ways of working post Brexit and this includes the opening of our offices in the Netherlands, which will contribute to our growth ambition in the airlines, airports, rail and duty free channels.

We recognise that the vast majority of our clients, as they continue to emerge from Covid, are renewing their emphasis on CSR and sustainability, values that we share at CSS. We’ve recently introduced new solar panels at our flagship HQ, which is generating over 30%

of our energy needs, with the residual coming from renewable energy sources. Furthermore, the installation of EV charging points for our employees and visitors, plus an ambitious EV fleet replacement plan, all contribute to our 2030 sustainability roadmap.

Going forward, we will be sharing our business highlights every quarter and I look forward to talking with you in due course on how we continue our mutual growth.

Sharon Crompton

Chief Financial Officer

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