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Inspiring Generation Z.

Updated: May 17, 2023

At CSS, we've always recognised the importance in nurturing young talent and thrived on watching them grow.

As we continue to drive forward our award winning Global Travel Retail and Bonded Solutions business(es), investing in talent, supporting the modern day apprenticeship schemes and vital real World experience is fundamental to our continued success and the retention of people. And Taylor Hipwell, our latest high school graduate whom joined CSS in September 2021 after flying through high school, is a shining example. Taylor, pictured left, works as a Finance Assistant and we are sponsoring his professional development in partnership with Fareham College where Taylor is studying AAT Level 2 Foundation Certificate in Accounting.

We know that people of Taylor's age, the so called post-millennial generation are very passionate, care deeply about social responsibility and sustainability, the precise values that we embrace at CSS | Chichester Bond in our service ethos and cultural DNA. And so looking to Gen Z as our future leaders ensures that our values remain consistent. Our people are the face of our brand and by being a responsible employee, with a focus on work

life balance, mental well-being and the office environment, all make a contribution to developing and retaining people. What next for Taylor? Well after completing AAT Level 2 in September, we are looking at Level 3 and beyond!

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