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Following on from our recent look at the history of cruise ship dining, we’re exploring the travel dining experience further by looking at the celebrity chefs that have taken the industry to new levels. These gourmet menu ideas spark interest for passengers, and add luxury to their journey.

Cruise ships

As we discussed recently, it’s now commonplace for cruise operators to boast a portfolio of restaurants and brands that passengers know, and to cater to varying demand. However, there are some taking the experience up a notch to retain a unique selling point, such as P&O Cruises and its dedicated Food Heroes programme. Working with renowned Marco Pierre White to head up several restaurants on board, guests can also participate in workshops with the celebrity chef himself, indulge in innovative afternoon teas created by pâtissier Eric Lanlard and embark on a wine tour with wine expert, Olly Smith.

The casual on-board dining experience has also seen a touch of celebrity, with high-street favourite, Jamie’s Italian, taking up a residency on Royal Caribbean ships and Guy Fieri’s US burger chain aboard fourteen Carnival Cruise Line vessels.

Premium air travel dining

Taking to the skies, Eric Lanlard’s patisserie creations will be launching on Virgin Atlantic flights this summer, albeit for the premium class passenger. Catering to all classes on Qantas Airlines is the two decade-strong partnership with Australian chef, Neil Perry. With the finest dining experience again reserved exclusively for business passengers and above, the luxury menu provides options inspired by the chef’s grill restaurant in Australia for those in economy, arguably a cut above the rest compared to many other economy airlines.

It may not all be celebrity chef inspired, but it seems many airlines have made better attempts at refreshing their economy offering in recent years, with budget airline, easyJet, adopting a bistro-inspired menu. Despite notoriously halting their complimentary on-board offering, British Airways recently turned to heritage brand, Marks & Spencer, for short-haul flight catering in a bid to meet demand.

With the emergence of better technology and pre-ordering systems allowing airline teams to predict the demands of their passengers, it’s safe to say that the travel dining experience has seen a sharp turnaround in its focus, from quantity to quality.  

At CSS Travel, we’re proud that our diverse portfolio of products and renowned brands regularly meet the varied demands of passengers across a range of sectors, from airports and airlines to cruises, ferries and rail. If you need assistance in putting together luxury menus for your passengers you speak to a member of the team by getting in touch today.

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