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As of 2018, UK airports see over 287 million passengers passing through commercial airport terminals each year. As such, it’s no wonder the hospitality offering has become so competitive, offering quality passenger experience with a variety of restaurants, cafes, takeaway catering and bars available.

Travel stats – an increase in demand

The ever-increasing number of passengers travelling by air can only mean an increase in demand for high quality catering experiences. Last year, Emirates revealed that they service over 100 million meals a year to its 55 million dine-in passengers. With consumers spending a couple of hours between airport security and take-off, and often even longer in-flight, it makes sense that we have come to expect high standards of options for food and beverages, entertainment and retail that are available to us at all times.

Meeting and surpassing passenger catering needs

As we discussed recently, the need for airlines and travel companies to cater to various passenger demands has increased, whether for allergies, lifestyle choices or religious commitments. As shifts in consumer behaviour have seen an increase in our expectations of high quality products and experiences, airports and airlines are turning to more innovative options within their catering offering, from airport champagne and seafood bars, to celebrity chef collaborations and luxury in-flight meals. Even the way an airport terminal is laid out is based on maximising the passenger experience by ensuring retail outlets and products are placed conveniently.

Passenger experience comes first

At CSS Travel, we have over 20 years’ experience in providing premium products to airline caterers and provide high quality drinks, snacks and consumables to leading airport lounges across the UK. Our extensive experience in handling the complications around delivering to high security locations and in-house fleet of secured, airside cleared vehicles allow us to provide a tailored and flexible service that fits alongside the busy schedules of our clients, whilst supplying quality brands and products that meet the high expectations of consumers. But don’t just take our word for it.

“The CSS team are always highly responsive and mercifully free of rigid or cumbersome procedures. They recognise that our passengers cannot afford to wait for the service we provide them and they act accordingly as collaborative and good-natured partners.” Charles Vine, Brand Alliances at Virgin Atlantic

If you would be interested in speaking to one of our expert team about the quality products and customer service we can provide, call us today on 01243 512151 or make an enquiry here.

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