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2018 is in full swing and spring is on its way. With temperatures on the up and longer days, customers are out and about and on the lookout for new culinary experiences. To make your menu truly stand out from the crowd, we’ve taken advice from our very own beer sommelier. Match your menu with your beverages with our expert’s guide to a memorable meal and the beers to go with it!

Bitter IPAs

Despite the strong bitterness of IPAs, these hoppy ales can be paired with a range of foods. Extra bitter IPAs are the perfect match for salty, fried foods. The fatty flavours of chips, cheeses and salted nuts balance the bitterness and draw attention to the malt flavours running underneath. For the more sweet-toothed of your customers, though, the bitter IPA also works well with the sugariest dishes and this magic combination can bring out the best of both beer and desserts.

Light lagers

The crisp, clean taste of light beers is perfect to slice through spice. The refreshing taste of light lagers acts as relief from the heat of spicy food, whether it be a strong curry or a hot chili. A perfect all-rounder, light beers also complement more delicate dishes, such as salads and noodles, providing a subtle accompaniment that doesn’t overpower less tangy flavours.

Wheat beers

These smooth, less bubbly beers often have notes of citrus and fruit making them a true summertime favourite. Due to their light, fruity taste, wheat beers are the natural partner of fruity desserts, fresh summer salads and white fish. This refreshing, citrus-y beer is both subtle and thirst-quenching, allowing more delicately flavoured foods to shine through.

Porters and Stouts

Mild and mellow, dark beers are characterised by an almost black colour, a silky-smooth texture and a signature frothy, foamy head. Porters have a rich, deep flavour that goes perfectly with equally rich and flavourful foods, like lobster, buttery foods and spicy barbecue flavours. With a truly English heritage, porters are the perfect accompaniment to game meats like venison and pheasant. Like porters, stouts possess a rich flavour. A slightly sweeter choice, stouts are known for their chocolate-y flavours and bring out the best in a variety of desserts.

Dark lagers

Perhaps the most diverse of beer categories, there are many types of dark lager, each with a distinct flavour. Made with roasted malts, these beers have a distinctly nutty flavour and are often sweetened with caramel to offset any bitterness. Dark lagers are a favourite throughout Europe, and these beers go well with the continent’s signature cuisine. From hearty sausages and stews to bready pizzas and burgers, a dark lager is a great accompaniment to any savoury dish.

Whatever your menu features, you can trust the experts at CSS group to help you ensure a memorable culinary experience for your customers. Kick off the spring season with a brand-new menu and wow your customers with premium products this year. Get in touch with the CSS On Trade team and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs.

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