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On-board hospitality awards 2021. Industry Champion.

Our very own CEO, Frank René Welkerling, has been recognised as an Industry Champion 2021 by the Onboard Hospitality Awards for his outstanding sector contribution and innovation in Air, Rail and Cruise.

Welkerling commented that the award is not just about one man. But a recognition to a dedicated team of amazingly talented people at [Compass Supply Solutions] that go that extra mile day-in, day-out.

The following extract is from the submission that resulted in the award.

Frank René Welkerling is a lifetime achiever in the hospitality industry. Currently the serving Chief Executive Officer of Compass Supply Solutions (CSS) & Chichester Bonded Solutions. As the former Executive Chef with Cunard Cruise Lines, Frank is an accomplished and results oriented professional with more than 35 years’ experience spanning global purchasing, supply chain, operations, logistics and business development. With a proven track record of business transformation, identifying new market opportunities and providing customer services to diverse, multi-ethnic client bases.

Bold, decisive and visionary decisions are needed. As a leading service provider to the Cruise & Airline Industry, the global pandemic brought the CSS business to a virtual standstill, overnight. Frank is no stranger to big storms at sea. However, the past 12 months have been a continuous storm.

Rather than hit the pause button during this time and ruthlessly cut costs or mothball operations, Frank and the leadership team have invested, taking the opportunity to build a stronger, more agile business; recognising that the pandemic is a major challenge but with a firm focus on protecting the well-being of his dedicated team.

With hawk like financial stewardship, Frank orchestrated the investment in best-in-class training, recruitment and education; all foundations to provide our clients with consistent and expert service as we ready ourselves for a strong economic revival.

Moreover, after presenting a post Covid recovery strategy to the group board, we’ve invested over £1 million in our new state of the art warehouse in Fareham. People training however was at the heart of our reboot. Today, our team have outstanding knowledge of HMRC procedures, excise regulations and the necessary documentation for the transition of goods for import and export. This has culminated in our certification to the Internationally recognised ISO9001:2015 standard.

A great achievement from a committed and diligent team, mastermind by Frank whom recognises the important of human futures development.

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