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A trip on the Orient Express: the return of vintage railway dining CSS Group

Post Image The 150-year long tradition of onboard dining experiences has all but vanished from rail travel today, barring a few exceptions where a handful of providers still offer first-class catering. However, it’s a long way from the romantic scenes we’ve long seen on the silver screen, with dining carriages, plush, velvet chairs and elaborately folded napkins. Such a thirst for this forgotten era has seen the return of vintage railway dining experiences pop up all over the world. We take a look at the vintage revival and examine its popularity.Read More

Culinary history: Italian cuisine CSS Group

Post Image Cooking, dining and cuisine has come a long way in the UK in 100 years. Despite, what seems for many of us, a long love affair with international food, you might be surprised to know that we’ve only really been experimenting with new flavours and food from overseas since the 1960s. We’ve looked back at the history of Italian cuisine, and how it eventually found its way to the UK.Read More

Dining on board: The celebrity chefs changing travel CSS Group

Post Image Following on from our recent look at the history of cruise ship dining, we’re exploring the travel dining experience further by looking at the celebrity chefs that have taken the industry to new levels. These gourmet menu ideas spark interest for passengers, and add luxury to their journey.Read More

The rise of craft gin CSS Group

Post Image Our recent exploration of the rise in independent distilleries highlighted key changes in consumer behaviour and a surge in the trend of craft spirits, such as gin and whiskey, as significant drivers for the industry. As gin distributors, we have taken a closer look at some of the current gin trends in 2018, to see where your customer will be wanting to try next.Read More

Catering to air passenger demand CSS Group

Post Image As of 2017, UK airports see over 287 million passengers passing through commercial airport terminals each year. As such, it’s no wonder the hospitality offering has become so competitive, offering quality passenger experience with a variety of restaurants, cafes, takeaway catering and bars available. Read More


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